A Writer's Journey

To write your journey and share what's true for you is to declare the value of what you've lived, loved, and learned and can inspire and teach others.  

Are you afraid to write? But want to share your story? 

Want to build your writing skills and connect with others? But stuck on how to start?  

You already have the story in you.... You can turn your life experience into a story with a few simple writing techniques.  

The journey you've walked is filled with stories, experiences, and wisdom. 

You can write each story as a chapter with a lesson woven into it and create a book. And if you are a business owner that makes a perfect companion piece to your marketing. 

"I believe you have an important story to tell,'Jo says.

Writing your story gives you the opportunity to see yourself from a distance — in a new window, where you can creatively assess and come to a place of understanding, appreciation, and beauty!

Joan Didion, author of "The Year of Magical Thinking" says:
"I don't even know what I think until I write it down."


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Find the Secrets in Your Story and use them everywhere


Here are some ways you can work with Jo
to express what is deep and meaningful to you—

Join the Magic Writing Circle where you grow your writing skills and benefit from instant feedback from a small intimate group of supportive women. Confidence and writing expertise blossoms more quickly than writing alone or in an online course without human interaction. Come join us in a Magic Writing Circle for 2020. Make this year count!

Private Coaching for intensive guidance and quicker completion of your writing project, book, or signature talk you have scheduled in your heart or on the calendar.

Accountability Check-ins for inspiration, focus, and follow-through on your best intentions and actually do the writing you long to achieve!

Editing & Copywriting for content already in first or final draft or work that needs to get written.

"The Inner Game of Writing: Change Your Story/Change Your Life" Using the creative act of writing to reclaim a fulfilling life, this program is designed to free women from the damage to their self-image inflicted upon them by others, so they can stand proud and whole — free-spirited — to pursue their brightest dreams!

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It's time to share your wisdom. Yes, you do have wisdom! 

My mission is to help women tell their stories of JOY, CHALLENGE, and TRIUMPH so that they can share them with the world. Put your words in writing and recognize your own journey with pride. Lead the way for someone else. 

See what happens when you share your story from your heart.

Remember the closeness you've felt when someone shares their story with you? Well, that's the closeness and trust others will feel when you share your stories. For personal or business writing, putting your wisdom onto a page or stage creates magic! 

Have a chat with Jo to see how you can
Find the Secrets in Your Story and use them everywhere

 Here's what clients have said: 

"I have learned in this course to share more of myself in my writing. Hard to do but now I am past worrying what people will think and have the courage to share my feelings more. Thank you for teaching me how."

"Our weekly get-togethers keep inspiring me to put pen to paper (better yet, fingers to keyboard) because my story, which was once on life support, now has a heart beat! Excitement for my project has been rekindled and I look forward to Jo stoking the embers every week."  

"After being in the MWC I noticed that my conversation was much more fluid than in the past; it's easier to form thoughts and express them descriptively than before. My capacity to notice, to question, and to listen has been enhanced. An unexpected bonus is that I like myself better now than I did before! "


Sheryl was surprised at how impactful her stories were, and now she's putting them together for a book.

Lynne wrote more for her novel in 6 weeks in the Magic Circle than she had in the past 5 years.

Sally is turning her writing into a book of stories with lessons for her coaching practice.

Tools & Techniques for Writing

Accomplishment With Weekly Assignments 

Clarification of Your Message

And Your Story Written


About Me

"Art is when you have an idea and you put a circle around it." ~ A child's definition I read many years ago.  

I meet many women with wonderful ideas. Women who've led interesting, meaningful lives, but whose lack of confidence and writing skill stops them from doing something with those ideas. That's why I started the Magic Writing Circle.  

Imagine someone saying to you, "I love what you wrote." It may be the first time anyone has ever said that to you. The joy and boost to self-confidence I witness when that happens makes my heart soar. And I want every woman to have the opportunity to have that experience. The synergy of my small supportive groups of women creates that magic. Abracadabra!!

A woman came to me in tears because she wanted to be a 'working writer' but said no one in her family had ever acknowledged her talent. So how could she even ask for an hour to herself to write? We worked together and recently she had the delightful surprise of opening a literary magazine to find her own name there — credited as the author of the best story in an anthology she'd contributed to! 

To witness the positive effect of what you write is to know you are sharing the gift you have to give to the world. 

I'm told I have a way with words. And it's a compliment I cherish because I have loved books and words and writing since I was a kid cutting strips of bark off birch trees to make crinkly little storybooks. I grew up on a farm on the Canadian prairies and romanticized the land, the woods, and the river that ran through the golden fields..And I have my own story of having to claim my dignity. (BTW it's definitely not practical to write a book on birch bark with a ballpoint. -:) 

Writing your own story is the most fulfilling of all. I was more proud of a small book to honor my mother, which I self-published than I was about the impressive hardcover fantasy novel published by Bantam/Doubleday based on a screenplay I co-authored. 

The most beautiful things are felt in the heart. And the next beautiful story waiting to be written is yours.  

Jo is a credentialed Masters Performance Life Coach with a bachelor of Education/English major. She is an author published in hardcover and has been a contributing writer to many publications including The Hollywood Reporter. Jo is a soprano with the California Philharmonic Chorus in Los Angeles and has a CD of original songs and life story. Join her and the wonder-cat Bandit at your desk. 

One-on-one coaching is available with a more intensive curriculum and quicker creation or turnaround of material. Jo is also a copywriter and editor and happy to work on individual projects.  

Schedule a call with Jo at https://calendly.com/jonelsen/yourwriting